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Alestorm -- Baltimore, MD -- December 4th, 2013

Full review, matey

arrr we got there late and saw the last 2 songs of Trollfest. I don't get them, which is odd considering some of the crap I like. I appreciated their energy, but they just sounded like a mess. But can't say a band that has a guy with a vacuum cleaner on stage isn't fun.

We didn't hear gypsyhawk, unfortunately, but they appeared in the crowd, at the merch, on stage, everywhere thru the evening. And one guy got his ass signed by all of Alestorm.

Alestorm was pretty fun, tho started off a little slow. Very fun, once things got going. The cover, the moshing, the Kraken drinking, the crowd surfing, the steel pantheresque line of chicks for midget saw. A little bit of fun for everyone, mates!

They also had their chiptunes intro and a dubstep remix for the outro.

oh and that guy form Bonded By Blood was there

Trollfest (~8:48- )
  • ?
  • ? (there was barking)

Alestorm (9:18- 10:48)
  • The Quest
  • The Sunk'n Norwegian
  • Leviathan
  • Shipwrecked
  • Wenches & Mead
  • Surf Squid Warfare
  • Midget Saw
  • Nancy the Tavern Wench
  • Back Through Time
  • In the Navy (Village People cover)
  • Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
  • Keelhauled
  • Rumpelkombo
  • What do You do with a Drunken Sailor (instrumental)
  • Set Sail and Conquer (w/ horrible drum solo)
  • Captain Morgan's Revenge
  • Rum
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