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Appetite for Destruction -- Silver Spring, MD -- November 15th, 2013

full review

A cover band playing covers of covers. 1 band putting on 3 sets as three different bands, it was an odd night

Gotta say that 'Crue' sounded not great.

Poison'd (8:52 got there -9:16)
  • Fallen Angel
  • Squeezbox (The Who cover)
  • Your Momma Don't Dance (Kenny Loggins cover)
  • Something to Believe in (start/snippet)
  • Can't You See (Marshall Tucker band cover)
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn
  • Nothin' But a Good Time (w/ bass solo)

Red, White, and Crue (9:37- 10:17)
  • Kickstart My Heart
  • Looks That Kill
  • Smokin' in the Boys Room (Cover)
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • (red hot intro?) Live Wire
  • Wild Side
  • Don't Go Away Mad
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Girls, Girls, Girls

Appetite for Destruction (10:42- 11:38)
  • It's so Easy
  • Mr. Brownstone
  • Nighttrain
  • Live and Let Die (Wings cover)
  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Don't Cry
  • Used to Love Her
  • Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)
  • <fake encore>
  • Sweet Child O' Mine
  • Paradise City
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