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Scars of the Crucifix (2004)

the Stench of Redemption (2006)

There was a time when Deicide was a joke. I had two albums in my list a few pages ago that are essential for any death metal collection. They followed those two albums up with a very strong Once Upon the Cross (1995) and a solid but somewhat mediocre Serpents of the Light (1997). Then around the turn of the century they got fed up with their label and released two completely terrible albums (2000ís Insineratehymn and 2001ís In Torment in Hell). People figured the band was done and itís not hard to agree with them when you listen to either of those albums. Scars of the Crucifix had the misfortune of following in the shadow of those two albums. Itís actually a really, really good album. Thereís a rekindled sense of anger and just all-around pissed-off vigor that was missing on their last three albums. The songs were some of the most brutal, heavy and fastest that Deicide has penned since their first two albums and they really havenít sounded this angry since then. Glenís vocals on this album just sound POSSESSED. Itís just too bad that people had given up on them and this album flew under the radar. I strongly encourage you check it out; itís one of my favorite Deicide albums. While no one cared about Scars of the Crucifix the same canít be said for the Stench of Redemption. For whatever reason people took notice of this album when it came out and it was massive, highly praised and a career rejuvenation for the band. The biggest reason was obviously the fact that they had two new guitar players in the band that breathed new life into the music. Ralph Santollas neo-classical shred stylingís were a total one eighty for the band after years of basic, brutal speed and aggression. They were like a whole new band on this album but at the same time they were still Deicide. Just *gasp* matured. Itís not my favorite Deicide album (although it is in my top five) but itís the perfect album to release to tell people ďweíre backĒ. Even if you don't like Deicide or death metal you should probably hear this album. Truth be told, it was the first Deicide album I ever heard. I got it for Christmas 2006, which was a special time in my life that Iím working on a write-up on right now.
Favorite Song (Scars of the Crucifix): Conquered By Sodom
Favorite Song (the Stench of Redemption): Death To Jesus
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