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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
So let me get this straight: you've not made a purchase all year, but when you finally do, you pick up a mediocre Slayer album, a mediocre Carcass album, just got around to listening to one of the greatest albums of all time about eight years after its release, and you paid an average price of over $11 per album (since the free one doesn't count). Am I getting all of that right?

Yeah, not impressed.
*One final hoorah
I buy far too many albums all year, BRO.... go look at my CD collection in that thread :p

Slayer - Yeah, sure, prolly mediocre, but the only one I've never heard, and it was only about $6

Carcass - It was cheap and used, and it kicks ass.

HoF - They aren't my cup of tea, and this was used and I figured I'd check it out since a lot of people love them.


...and NiN sucks! *drops microphone and walks out door*
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