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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
He said on Raw that his ribs are messed up because he got speared by Roman Reigns so I'm pretty sure that's just part of the story.

I was hoping Punk would be in the main event for Mania but the rumor right now is that it's gonna be Punk v. HHH. That could be a pretty good match I guess.

On an unrelated note I was watching the new NXT yesterday and I was actually really impressed with the Divas match. It was Paige v. Natalya for the women's championship. I think it was the first episode of any wrestling show I've seen where the women's match was the best one. I don't get why the divas matches on the main roster can't be like this.
I watched NXT for the first time last week and saw an number one contenders match between Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn. It was so good. I forgot that watching wrestling could be fun! It's too bad that there's so much great talent down there that ends up getting called up and repackaged as a Swiss yoddler or a Diva with a gas problem. But that's been happening for years.
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