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I've been reading over the last few days that CM Punk is pretty banged up again. He tweeted something about having busted up ribs and there is also talk of some kind of back injury. Since he's booked in a handicap match against The Shield at TLC, maybe they should have them take Punk out so he can rest up and then return at the Rumble.

I still think Punk has problems with his knee which he supposedly re-injured in his match with Lesnar at Summerslam. Punk has said himself he only has a couple years left. It looks like he might go down the same path as Austin, Foley and Edge where injuries ended their in ring career too early. If he only lasts another few years he'll be the same age Austin and Edge were when they had to retire. Hopefully, he can work something out with the WWE and take an extended break and some point in the near future but with WrestleMania season approaching that probably won't happen.