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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Fire Made Flesh
Moksha (got video)
Quovis / Further Up / Further In
Gone in Bloom and Bough (got video)
Halls of the Summer
Sycamore (got video)
Very nice. Moksha and Sycamore in the same set is awesome. My only complaint would be - if I remember right I don't think we share this complaint - that they always play the first half of You Are The Conductor instead of the last half. It's the last half of that EP that makes it the best post-rock EP ever recorded, but they don't touch it live.

Speaking of EPs, they should be playing "Hymn For The Greatest Generation," the title track off their recently released EP. It's a wonderful song.

Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Heat Death Infinity Splitter
Retreat! Retreat!
Crash Tactics
Install a Beak in the Heart That Clucks Time in Arabic
Prisms (got video)
The Undertow
Unmake the Wild Light

Neither 65 nor Caspian played encores, but with the set closers that they played, it would have felt almost wrong for them to come back out on stage and start playing again. Each band played for at least an hour (I think 65's set may have been about 1:15), and they both slayed. Overall, this was a fantastic show. If you've not seen any of these bands, I highly suggest that you remedy that unfortunate situation ASAP.
This set is even better than the Caspian set. Replace "Debutante" with "The Conspiracy of Seeds" and it's near perfect.

I wouldn't mind one bit hearing 65dos play the entirety of Wild Light live, it's such a fantastic album.

Correctamundo on the encores. Any song played after either of those would have been a letdown.

EDIT: (Barring Caspian playing "Last Rites" or "Loft")
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