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I remember reading about the wrestlers dress code around the time they went to the PG rating. I think it was mainly for public functions but I read Punk got in trouble for not following it. Supposedly, the WWE wanted everyone to look professional whenever they were out in public. Cena, Undertaker, HBK and few other top stars were exempt. Not sure why Cena was since he's the ultimate corporate champ. Taker would just look stupid walking around in a suit all the time, so that made sense.

I haven't read too much about it in the last couple years so I'm guessing they did away with it. I've seen recent pictures of current WWE performers out in public who are dressed casual. It was a stupid idea anyways. If you want the fans to connect with a wrestler, they can't be walking around in a suit and tie everywhere they go. It's easier for the fans to relate to the peformer if they just look like a regular person while they're out and about. If they still do it now, Punk's star is definitely big enough that he is exempt from it. As opposed to back in 08/09 when I first read about the dress code.

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