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Originally Posted by LogicBomb View Post
Their latest album was actually on both Amazon and Spin's top albums of the year, alongside Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Arcade Fire, Kanye, Drake, Queens of the Stone Age.. yeah, they're pretty hot right now. They're not really anything original (or even that good imo), but they seem to have hit the sweet spot of image, sound, and place for alot of crossover appeal.
yeah my "token vaguely metal" claim is turning out to be pretty accurate

amazon - #16 overall (only metal), plus "best hard rock/metal" artist & album
av club - #3 (only metal)
decibel - #11 (n/a duh)
revolver - #2 (n/a duh)
spin - #22 (kvelertak only other)

im sure it will place high on pitchfork too
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