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I don't know what the fuck I just read, but I guess I enjoyed it.

O:M is still one of my favorite metal albums, and for me it really boils down to the solid songwriting & performances. A song like "Revolution Calling" has all the attendant riffs and solos necessary for great metal, but it's also pretty well structured. It has a great energy to it. Same thing with a song like "The Mission."

I think the story is overblown. If I could've been a producer on this album, I think I would've tried to convince them to just make it political and ditch the rather laughable premise of mind control from characters with names like Dr. X. But on the other hand, I suppose the story does lend songs like "The Mission" a certain weight they might otherwise lack.

The production sucks though, let's be honest. There's no low end on the album and the drums sound like what you'd get today with a preset called "Terrible 80's Drums." I disagree that Geoff sounds like ass on here. To be honest, this was my first QR album, and the hardest part for me to appreciate was Geoff's voice. But today I think O:M has a solid GT performance with great delivery. If the mix was better, actually had some bass and low end, and didn't have the drums basically competing with the vocals sometimes... I actually think Geoff would sound even better.

One final comment: I strongly disagree that 7th Son made keyboards palatable in metal.

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Speaking of Queensryche, I heard the song "Empire" recently for the first time in years and years and it finally hit me how borderline fascist that song is.
Right? That bugs me too. Are you guys saying we should spend less on NASA and more on cops, because that's definitely what it sounds like to me.
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