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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Seeing the stadium half empty for the Buffalo verses Atlanta game in Toronto makes me so mad. Yes, both teams suck. And yes, it's just a novelty for Toronto. But the greed of the Toronto promoters is what's killing it. Ticket prices are three times what they would be in Buffalo. Lower prices to something at least reasonable and it'll at least be three quarters full. Such greed and ignorance. I hope Jon Bon Jovi is watching and realizes that moving a team, any team, isn't worth it.
Yeah, the Bills just aren't good enough for them to jack up the ticket prices.

If the Bills were a good team they wouldn't have any trouble drawing solid crowds in Toronto. They haven't made the playoffs in 13 seasons (14 after this year is over) so the fans have no reason to want to go up there and the fans in Canada have no reason to invest in them either. Sure, the high prices play a part in it, but if Ralph Wilson was able to produce a winning franchise people would be willing to shell out a little extra for tickets.
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