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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Those numbers are literally a fraction of what they get each night everywhere else in the world when not doing indoor arenas, and very low for the kind of turnover a festival of that size would need. I can't blame them for deciding to recoup the losses through a European tour.
This, honestly they mentioned before that it wasn't working out for them financially. I would have to put the blame on part of the lineup. If they had done a festival with more rock and metal acts it may have sold better. Look at festivals like Rock on the Range, Carolina Rebellion, Aftershock, etc. those all do well every year with bands alot less popular than Metallica. You can't expect fans of Metallica to be enthused about a festival with Modest Mouse and Bassnectar. They overshot the whole thing. When it was in Atlantic City it did pretty well, but they waited months to announce heavier acts. The initial lineup was pretty disappointing and like apparently many others I didn't bother with it. They could easily do a festival and make alot of money, just do one that Metallica fans would actually want to see.
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