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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I was never under the impression it was the Undertaker's contract that limited his public appearances. I always thought it was the deadman gimmick that did. Him not making many public appearances for the WWE fits the gimmick. When he was the American badass it seemed like he did more appearances. As the deadman it just makes sense that he wouldn't be out promoting the WWE because it just doesn't fit the character at all.

Plus, from all the stuff I've heard and read about him, he has an old school mentality and wants to maintain some secrecy and intrigue to his character. He's done a great job of that over the years.
From what I understand his contract now prohibits public appearances as him to help maintain secrecy as if he will wrestle another match.

Chicago Comic Con tried to book him and I asked why WWE declined and they said that was the reason. Contract doesn't allow public appearances.

The Rock however was also tried to book and only denied because of film obligations so he can do public appearances.
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