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As someone who read the comic I was expecting a major death or two with this episode. In the comic, Tyreese gets his head chopped off by The Governor, not Herschel. Still, once again they take a great character and kill them off. I'm not sure how the show is better off without Herschel? At least it could be fun to see the group on the run again and trying to find another place to live in the second half of the season.

They really left it wide open when it came to what happened to Judith. As of right now we don't know for sure but they made sure that the audience was thinking the worst had happened to her at the end.

I like the smile Herschel gave when Rick was negotiating with the Governor. It seemed like the old Rick was coming back and Herschel knew everything would be OK.

Overall, it was a great episode. The zombie population seems to be getting bigger. They pop out of everywhere now.
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