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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
My only two complaint is the lack of South of Heaven material. Seriously? Manditory Suicide and the title track? They could have at least thrown in two more such as Silent Scream, and Ghost of War. Atleast they know how to play those and wouldn't have to rehearse playing one of the more rare/obscure songs that they never usually play. My 2nd complaint is that they didn't play Chemical Warfare during this entire tour. It's one of their greatest songs, and it was a staple to their setlist for a good 25-30 years. Why make it's appearance scarce all of a sudden? Also, they need to boot that piece of shit song "Dead Skin Mask" in favor of their more aggressive tunes like Chemical Warfare, silent scream, killing fields ect.

Other than that, this was an amazing tour. If they ever do decide to return to N/A for another tour, I'M THERE. Because I love POINT-5-Layer!!!

Glad everyone enjoyed this tour as much as I did.
Great points! Yes, it's puzzling that they didn't play Chemical for all the reasons you said. And yes, you'd think there'd be more than 2 songs from SoH. I'd kill to see Read Between the Lies or Behind the Crooked Cross!

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