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Jon Oliva -- Raleigh, NC -- December 1st, 2013

Jon Oliva "Storytellers" -- Raleigh, NC -- December 1, 2013

Venue: Lincoln Theatre
8:15 - 10:45

Father Time (new album)
Ten Years (new album)

Out On The Streets (Savatage)
Lady in Disguise (Savatage)
Summer's Rain (Savatage)

Streets Medley (Savatage)
-Jesus Saves - Original/Demo Version
-Strange Reality
-Tonight He Grins Again
-If I Go Away

Hey Bulldog (Beatles cover)

Edge Of Thorns Medley (Savatage)
-Miles Away
-All That I Bleed

Look At The World (Jon Oliva's Pain)
Walk Upon The Water (Jon Oliva's Pain)
Fly Away (Jon Oliva's Pain)

Handful Of Rain Medley (Savatage)
-Castles Burning
-Stare Into The Sun
-Alone You Breathe

Someone/Souls (Jon Oliva's Pain)
Can't Get Away (new album)

Child In Time (Deep Purple cover)
When The Crowds Are Gone (Savatage)

The Lincoln Theatre is a nice venue right in downtown Raleigh. There's easy parking, there are several tiers inside for easy viewing, and the sound is generally good.

I wasn't sure what to expect at this show. There were perhaps 75 people there, and I think Jon was happy with that as he knew only

diehards would come out on a Sunday night for a show like this. Jon proclaimed that this tour was his "vacation" after weeks of

TSO rehearsals. He said he was going to have fun, and he surely did.

The band was stripped down, just Jon, Chris Kinder on drums and Jason Jennings (?) on bass. Jon mostly played piano and keyboards, though he did play guitar on 5-6 songs. There were some backing tracks here and there.

Before each song Jon would tell a story or reminisce about Criss or Matt Laporte or talk about how a song came to be. His stories were hilarious - the crowd was laughing all night. He would occasionally exchange some banter with audience members.

If you're a Savatage fan, I think you'll enjoy the show. If you are a casual fan, it will be hit or miss for you as it was alot of the piano heavy tunes.

I got a copy of the setlist off the soundboard, so it is generally accurate, but I might have spaced out on one of the Savatage medley songs (they weren't listed - it just said "Medely" [sic]). I will update if I learn I was mistaken.
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