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51.) Suffocation- Pinnacle Of Bedlam

Easily one of the best Death Metal releases of 2013 without question. it is simply solid from start to finish. Nothing spectacularly different when it comes to Death Metal, just very damn solid and should make any Death Metal fan moist in the pants, and simply done right.


52.) Code- Augur Nox

Progressive Black Metal. It's an odd combination when you first think about it, but when you hear it done right, it so very well fits together. Prog and Black Metal can fit hand in hand and Code is a great example of this, not the best, but definitely good.


53.) Born Of Osiris- Tomorrow We Die ∆live

These guys took until their last album to finally find their niche when it comes to forming their own sound. It's combing Djent, Progressive Metal, Melody, and doing away with the God Awful Deathcore that plagues their first few releases. This is easily their strongest release because you don't hear any ripoffs on this album, it's Born Of Osiris playing as themselves and doing a damn good job of it. a very killer album that will most likely go to the way side without proper reviewing.


54.) October Age- Plague Of A Coming Age

Some more of the Atmospheric Black Metal for you that I love and enjoy. Unlike about 95% of all the Black Metal albums I received this year, this one is actually listenable production wise, which is already a step in the right direction. To me October Falls is what would happen if Early to mid era Opeth played Atmospheric Black Metal. it is very damn good stuff that shouldn't be ignored, especially if you are an Opeth fan and wanted to get into the genre. This is a great access band for that. Can't sing this one's praises enough.


55.) Sandstone- Delta Viridian

Progressive Power Metal, more Power than anything else. I haven't quite put my finger on every aspect of this album yet other than it is definitely solid musically and production wise. The vocals are hit or miss. You will love them or hate them, or possibly grow into them. Definitely give it a shot if you are into the genre, while virtually unknown, it is quality stuff.


56.) Kyle Gass Band- S/T

I had no idea this was a thing and that Trainwreck had broken up. This is the less comical side of Kyle Gass focusing on his songwriting and guitar playing rather than letting Jack Black basically control everything in Tenacious D. This is just a fan acoustic guitar basses Rockin' album. Not much else to add other than it's fun to listen to and worth at least one listen.


57.) Dethklok- The Doomstar Requiem (Soundtrack)

While not a traditional Dethklok album (which I doubt there will be anymore besides possibly one more). While the whole thing is an Opera, it's a love or hate endeavor. I know plenty of people who found this disappointing, while just as many people found it epic as hell. I am with the latter. The ending to Blazing Star may just be the best moment in the history of Dethklok. Go into this one with an open mind if you are weary of it. If you are a fan of the show, you gotta find something to love about this.


58.) Coffins- The Fleshland

For fans of early day Death Metal. This is brash, discorded, and full of Death. Early day Entombed comes to mind a lot hearing this. Overall, not the best sounding album production wise, the music more than makes up for it.


59.) Animations- Private Ghetto

Very damn heavy, groovin, proggy Metal with growls. Like the name suggests, the sound is a bit...animated, but never cartoonish. This is almost taking an Art Rock approach to Metalcore. It's an odd description I know, but once you hear it, it makes sense.


60.) Jolly- The Audio Guide To Happiness (Volume II)

These guys are simply killer. Both albums they have released have been killer Progressive Rock/Metal albums. it's hard to compare both albums as they both fit perfectly with each other and like the album title suggests, its an album that will make you happy. Non-pretentious Progressive Rock is hard to find, and these guys do it so very damn well. I wish them nothing but the best!

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