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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Sorry to hear that. I'd love to be gloating about how awesome Corrections House was, but due to a bunch of details no one cares about I didn't end up going. The silver lining is that I got caught up on sleep since pulling an all-nighter for Black Friday shopping (see other thread), so at least now I'm in good shape to drive my wife and kids back home to Ohio today. That's kinda important, so yeah. I'll just have to see CH another time.

EDIT: TBH, the main reason I wanted to see CH is that I never got to see Sanford with Minsk before they called it quits. I've seen Bruce three times (solo, Bloodiest and Yakuza) and Scott twice (Shrinebuilder, Neurosis), so it was really all about seeing Sanford Parker and Mike Williams on the same stage with the others.
One of the dudes we were with had a friend at the CH show and said there wasn't even 20 people there.
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