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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
It was called Animal Attraction and the dude has so much collagen in his top lip it freaked me out after about 45 seconds. I thought he was a transvestite or a chick taking hormones. Either way if it's not Steel Panther and these guys are serious, it's not for me. Bands like that killed metal back in my day. Hammerjacks became a hip-hop club because the glam bands sang all the same corny words with the same 3 chords.

The old, original stuff will always be the best to me. The Child's Play Rat Race cd is great start to finish and it's real. They lived those songs. Not pretended to be something they're not...
Well, you definitely didn't run across their best stuff (which is their newest, the Animal Attraction album is their poppiest), but I see why you hate them.I like them because to me their just a good summertime 80's throwback band.Their new album is the perfect mix of hard rock, glam metal, and AOR to me, that's why they top the list this year (and the fact that it just totally blew me away considering I thought they were going to get poppier after Animal Attraction).
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