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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Actually surprised this tour isn't coming to Ireland? Didn't think much of the setlist at all personally. Meant to be a "hits" set, yet half those songs a nowhere near "hits", or at even significant in their catalogue, when things like Leader of Men, Never Again, Feelin' Way Too Damn Good, and Worthy To Say are all missing.

Or rather, they weren't hits here. Really, if you're a successful band across the world, you should tailor a hits set to contain the songs that were hits where you're playing. I think they only paid attention to the US and Canadian success of the songs chosen. Take 'Savin' Me'. #2 in Canada, #19 in the US, didn't even make top 50 here. Whereas 'Never Again' only got to 124 in the US and didn't chart in Canada, but was #30 here.

Still, at least they didn't play any more off the new album. That disc is horrible. Just horrible.
Yeah, the new album got one listen from and it's unforgivable

Last time they played here was '08, they did a place called RDS Simmonscourt. Basically a big shed, not a good venue, but holds around 2,500 - 4,000. It sold well, but I think Nickelback want to play here in the o2 without a big touring support, and promoters just aren't doing it because it won't sell that well. We'll probably get a date in the next couple of years. I hope we do, anyway. Don't care enough about them to travel, but I do want to see them.
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