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Went full retard on the whole Black Friday thing this year for the first time. I started last night at around midnight, and by around 8:00 AM I had most of the shopping for Xmas 2013 done. Wasn't nearly as crazy as some stories I've heard, but then again I didn't go anywhere and try to be first in line or anything. I waited for the idiots to get their fill first, and I still got most everything I wanted. Saved around $300 to $400, too. Not bad for a night's work.

Nintendo 2DS for the younger boy ($99)
Skylander Starter Kit for the older boy
Little Big Planet 2 for PS3 for both the boys (and me)
Nerf guns (two for my oldest / one for my youngest)
About a dozen or so movies from $8 to $2 apiece, including Argo on DVD and the new Star Trek on Blu-Ray
IPod Nano 16 GB ($99)
40" Samsung flat screen 1080P Smart TV (for Daddy & Mommy ) for under $400, at 18 months interest free (I'll pay it off at tax time)

Still trying to decide on a tablet. They had some awesome deals on the iPad Air for over $100 off, but frankly that wasn't enough to convince me to spend ~$400 on a tablet that doesn't even accept a MicroSD card or a USB connection. That shit just infuriates me - I don't care how fast the thing is or how sexy the display is. I'm leaning towards one of the Galaxy Notes at the moment - lots of apps, super nice display, accepts USB and MicroSD and even allows multiple windows for running two apps simultaneously.

Anybody have an opinion on tablets?
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