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41.) Rotting Christ- Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy

Rotting Christ is not your stereotypical evil band, they expand their horizons on every album. Sometimes that's for the best, other times it makes you go....what the hell was that? This time around, it's a bit of both. They are a band that you can't really put into words, you gotta just hear them and trust your ear's instinct. You'll hear Death metal, but you'll hear Orchestration and electronics and horns out of nowhere. It's not for the faint of heart nor is it an instant love album, it's one that is absolutely deserving of the phrase, grower.


42.) Bruce Soord (Featuring Jonas Radke)- Wisdom Of Crowds

It doesn't get much stranger than when you combine the masterminds behind The Pineapple Thief and Katatonia. This is an Indie, Electronic, Progressive Rock album that is moody and sounds happy at the same time. If you really, and I mean, REALLY wanna experiment, check out this album, it kinda explains the choices both men have made for their bands lately.


43.) Bane Of Winterstorm- The Last Sons Of Perylin

A fast paced thrill seeker of a Symphonic Power Metal album. It is very symphonic and epic feeling throughout. The vocals even range from the soaring highs to near guttural, but understandable cleans. This is the kind of Power Metal that gives Power Metal it's cheesy, but awesome name. there is nothing but POWER behind this album, I really dig it.


44.) My Soliloquy- The Interpreter

In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with this synth driven Progressive Metal band, but they do sound like the stereotypical Progressive Metal band that was inspired by Dream Theater and Symphony X and made a band. If that's up your alley, so are these guys, but in the Prog world, this breaks new ground, I guess I was just hoping for something a bit more.


45.) Kingcrow- In Crescendo

Absolutely beautiful and awesome Progressive Metal. While getting some good exposure this year opening for Pain of Salvation here in the states (Which I will never forget because the St. Paul show was canceled the day of) Kingcrow is starting to make a real name for itself in the Prog world. In a way they are what I wish Pain of Salvation would have stayed or evolved into instead of the Zepplin era they are still currently in. This album is fantastic and any Prog fan will love this to bits.


46.) Replica- The Bright Side Of Death

Pretty Groovin Metal mixed in with some Metalcore moments used sparingly. Not top of the mill, nor run of the mill material, but stuff that is worth a shot if you dig what Groove Metalcore can bring to you. there is some talent to these guys, just in need of a bit better production.


47.) Red Fang- Whales And Leeches

Red Fang is a beer drinker's wet dream. They are the kind of band you go and see, get drunk and just party the whole time. The new album from Red Fang is a great representation of the band live. Just balls out Stonerish Hard Rock that Kyuss fans still lust for. Red Fang nail it again!


48.) Altar Of Plagues- Teethed Glory And Injury

Altar of Plagues is one of those bands that is hit or miss to me. Their debut was a solid hit for me. Mammal was such a disappointment to me. This, being their last album ever is sure to hopefully be a winner right? Well...they actually did. This is their best work to date. One thing that really helped the band a lot in my eyes is the return to shorter track lengths instead of just extending to extend, like what Mammal feels like to me. This album is top notch and doesn't feel like it goes on too long before it drastically changes over and over and over again. A solid win, and a sad final win for the band.


49.) Darkane- The Sinister Supremacy

No one does Melodic Death metal and Thrash like Darkane does. They are so criminally unknown to most Metal fans, and it is just not fair because they are amazing. They are back to their original roots on this one focusing on the thrashiness and the melodicness that makes them so damn catchy. Plus Peter Wiloder being one of the best drummers alive doesn't hurt. This is a solid winner of a album of a genre and overall a band that should be touring constantly but sadly may not get more recognition that this review.


50.) Stormlord- Hespiria

Epic Symphonic Power Metal mixed with Black Metal. Who'd a thunk it? Well it has been made and it sounds really damn impressive. if you hate Black Metal or it's vocals, you will HATE this album. If you love well orchestrated Power Metal mixed with Black Metal elements to make epicness that you may have never imagined, go for this one. it's a mindscrew at first but once you get sucked in, you can't let go. I know I can't.

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