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31.) The Dillinger Escape Plan- One Of Us Is The Killer

Easily the most simple and I dare say, mainstream DEP record to date. I would argue to say it's their best as well. The vocals are back to not sounding so high pitch and back at the Patton style that makes the band more interesting. It is less Chaotic overall, but they replaced the chaos with better songwriting and overall song structure, which I will always be a bigger fan of anyways. Oddly enough this didn't make my top 50, but it is in my top 55 for sure.


32.) Bolus- Triangulate

Progressive Rock done right in 2013. It's kinda poppy at times almost like Yes would be if they came out right now. There are some more mixes of bands including Coheed and Cambria, Rush, Dream Theater, but all at the same time none of the music feels pretentious and it very well written. Give these guys a fighting chance, this is killer stuff!


33.) Ashes Of Ares- S/T

Matt Barlow is back baby! Arguably showcasing some of his finest vocal abilities to date. But not only is Barlow back but Van Williams formerly of Nevermore. I will say this, this is a killer album for sure, but it does feel lacking for some reason that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it is because it is it's own entity and not Iced Earth nor Nevermore. It's great to see both kicking ass with music again and one can only hope for at least one proper US tour.


34.) Celeste- Animale(S)

Atmospheric Black Metal done with a different approach. For the most part it is unrelenting and pummeling with the atmospherics in the background instead of in the foreground.This two part album is a very cool listen overall for those that want some Atmospheric Black Metal that is not dreamy and dreary. Definitely giving it props for staying a bit more tr00 (and with actual decent recording quality, for once in black metal).


35.) Enshine- Origin

Short Doom Metal with lots of background, synth driven, soundscapes. It reminds me a lot of the band Daylight Dies but instead of having varying tempos it focuses more on dynamics. This is a great album to check out if you want something different out of Traditional Doom/Death Metal and with a bit more feeling behind it.


36.) Edenbridge- The Bonding

VERY Symphonic Female Fronted Progressive Power Metal. But the one advantage to this band over the other bands of this genre is that the female vocals are not Operatic. Which can be done greatly, but since Nightwish, has been so over saturated. Overall this is just a fun Symphonic Metal album that while not a game changer, definitely helps you appreciate the genre if the normal operatic vocals get to you.


37.) All Pigs Must Die- Nothing Violates This Nature

A very diverse album overall for a chaotic Hardcore band. I am sure that Kurt from Converge producing this album had a lot to do with that. This goes from in your face hardcore chaos to very melodic Doom/Sludge Metal to anything in between. Having Ben from Converge on drums also helps with the creativity of this band. This is not your run of the mill Hardcore, this is so much more, and people really need to check it out to truly appreciate it.


38.) Rosetta- The Anasethe

I will whole heartedly say that the sole reason why this isn't in my top 50 of the year is for a lack of being able to hear it as much as I wanted to. This is Sludge and Doom Done right in every single way. Fans of bands like The Ocean would cream themselves when they discover Rosetta. So very dynamic and will be an influential album in the genre for years to come. it is way too good to ignore The dynamics folks....THE DYNAMICS!!! So damn good, and hopefully you'll dig it as well.


39.) Misery Signals- Absent Light

Misery Signals is a band that I discovered nearly a decade because I had them confused with Misery Index. But I am very happy to have discovered them because they are a killer band for their blend of Progressive Metalcore. Absent Light may be their finest work to date as well as saying that. They really took their time since 2008's Controller and made a creative, killer album that really showcases what can be done in Progressive Metalcore. For the most part it is a genre that is known about but ignored for it's Metalcore name, but damn it, break out of stereotypes and enjoy this fine piece of music called Absent Light, it's well worth stepping out of yourself to check it out.


40.) Boris- Präparat

Everything that Boris is about is in this one album, from the poppyness of their Japan Pop Roots to their Sludgy Doom Metal that became synonymous with the band. Yes this is all in one album. Boris may be one of, if not the finest band to ever come out of Japan. Check out this album to understand why.

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