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first year i went was the agora, which at that point was the biggest christmas show they had done. googles claims 1800 cap, not sure if that includes the side room or what, but all i know is its definitely bigger than the HOB, and it definitely wasnt sold out. the next year they went smaller with the odeon (supposedly 850 cap) but over 2 nights. both nights were pretty well filled, but i dont believe sold out either. then the last time i went was the first year they played house of blues, which yes almost all have been at since, except this year which is back to the agora.

SIDE FUN FACTS: phil demmel from machine head flew out for the 2004 and 2005 shows. the 2005 shows the band vowed to not repeat a single song over the two nights, which aside from power trip, they stuck to. even busted out pantera's walk. probably the best times ive ever seen them. those were also kevin talley's last shows with the band, and andols was in attendance.

seems kinda funny to sit here and actually correct how big they werent, which is not to try to discredit them or anything, its just i saw so much of this all first hand, and it just still frustrates me to this day that they couldnt get to that next level, while so many of their inferior peers did. fucking killed me to see shitheads like trivium and all that remains go from opening for chimaira to headlining over them in the span of a couple of years.

another side note, that actually reminds me of the time when chimaira actually co-headlined a euro tour with killswitch, and shadows fall and god forbid opening haha.

Keep in mind Chimaira also did a Euro tour opening for Spineshank and Ill Niņo
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