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Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
Both. I do enjoy older Chimaira releases quite a bit however their last few releases have been disappointing. I think it was sort of inevitable for Chimaira to go downhill due to the massive lineup changes (Mark Hunter is the only remaining original member).
By "They're shitty" I meant the support bands, not Chimaira.

Originally Posted by detuned View Post

not really. first two albums eventually cracked 100,000 each, but the whole roadrunner dustup really killed any momentum they had.
Even after the Roadrunner years they were still gaining a bit of steam with Resurrection. They were getting big tours like Ozzfest, Sounds of the Underground, Mayhem, and that one tour they did with Disturbed where they were playing arenas. I think the last 2 were on the Infection cycle. And when they were headlining during the Resurrection era they were playing to crowds of about 600-700. Then they had those lineup issues and people seemed to stop caring all at the same time.
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