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Originally Posted by aerodynamics View Post
Great write up John. Good to see that Morbid Angel had such a good turnout in Seattle.

I'm kind of new here and didn't realize you played in Funeral Age. I know you guys have played over here in Spokane a couple of times in the recent past. Hank Bale is an old (sort of) acquaintance -- he played in a band called Inner Strength with one of my best friends Jeff Jackson (who now plays bass with an outfit in Seattle called Kled) way back in 1987. And, of course, the singer for Inner Strength was Greg Anderson (of Southern Lord/Sun O))) fame). Hopefully I'll get the chance to see you guys play if you make it back to Spokane in the near future.
Thanks man! Yup, Henry (or as many call him, Hank) has mentioned that band quite a bit. Was/is Greg hardcore straight-edge? I remember a story from Henry where they were playing a show and their singer was talking about his beliefs, and the rest of the band was behind him acting like they were toking up and drinking booze . We try to make it to Spokane at least once a year, I really love playing there

Originally Posted by aerodynamics View Post
You think Boise is bad, try living in Spokane.
Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
I have to admit I see Spokane showing up even less on tour date lists than Boise, thanks for making me feel better about my town We just need to remind ourselves about how we don't have to deal with the traffic, crime, and high cost of living of big cities.
No traffic was what really stood out to me when we were in both of those cities in the summer. Really liked Boise, its a shame more bands don't tour through there.
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