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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So even though she is big on the Total Divas show WWE is thinking about dropping Eva Marie during 2014.
I haven't read that anywhere. The chick gets heat from the live crowds because she's an unlikeable bitch and is totally unworthy of the spot she has. Plus, she can't wrestle for shit. Just look at Vickie Guerrero, if the crowd gives you heat, Vince will keep you around unless you royally fuck up.

Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Thank god, she's awful. So is JoJo, so useless. btw, I just read that Steph McMang (Razor voice there) just signed a deal for herself for $325,000 per for 3 years as an in ring performer. Talk about conflict of interest paying off big time.
Jojo is only 19 and just started. I know it's only women's wrestling but I would at least give her two years before I'd say she's useless. People seem to forget that Trish Stratus was god awful in the ring when she first started with the WWF and look how good she became. You never know what may become of someone in wrestling once they get a little experience under their belt.