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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
No, that's not why, although I thought it would be. As soon as that show sold out, three more were released with ticket on sale times 10 minutes later.

The reason is that although the worst seats in the house (fourth level, back blocks, back rows) were the expected cheap tickets at 27.50, the next cheapest (fourth level, back blocks, front rows) were 65, with no price point in between.

To get any block around the middle of the arena was 80, and that was still fourth level (for anyone wondering, the 2nd and 3rd levels at the O2 Arena are corporate boxes). Everything in the back half of the floor and the back half of the first level was 95. Everything in the front half of the floor and first level was reserved for Platinum and Meete & Greet packages.

So basically we were looking at 80-95 plus fees to not even be near the stage.

They intentionally didn't make it know that high-end packages were going to exist, claiming that all tickets would be 27.50 - 95, so it wasn't know that what everyone thought were the top tickets would actually only get you the back half of the arena.

I know they joked about only doing it for the money, but they can fuck off. I'll get the DVD when it's half price.

Honestly, all this VIP and meet & greet bullshit is killing arena shows.

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