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Every Time I Die -- Chicago, IL -- November 24th, 2013

So ETID played for the 3rd time in the last 9 month at Reggies on Sunday. Sold out show to around 400 people.

Code Orange Kids kicked off the show and holy fuck! COK are so fucking heavy love. People were shocked and I don't think alot of people knew them. They played a few songs off the new record and flowermouth was so damn good. Also that chick is super sexy. COK played for 19 minutes EXACT. ( Code Orange Kids also did a 21+ aftershow at another venue where all the bands just hung out I heard and Weekend Nachos played).

Letlive was next and hit the batshit crazy meter. Jason is a madman. He came out on stage smiling and waving then right away started throwing himself around the stage. Other than their bassist though only him and Jason moved around at all. I noticed though a lot of Letlive songs during the set were sped up, slowed down, cut off early, extended and such. Nothing was a normal song. Highlights were Jason stagediving, doing a running backflip off the wall on stage, climbing into the rafters above the stage and sitting up there while waving to the people in the balcony, picking up a amp and carrying it above his head, throwing the bassists, mic stand and mic into the crowd, the bassist throwing his bass into the crowd, and more. Also a Black Flag cover, odd but good.

Letlive set :

Banshee (Ghost Fame)
H. Ledger
That Fear Fever
Empty Elvis
Fix Me
(Black Flag cover)
27 Club
Le Prologue
The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
Renegade 86'

ETID came on about 8:50 and were nuts the entire time. The crowd was moshing, throwing down, jumping, pushing, circle pitting, and just singing along nonstop. Keith sounded great and was all over the place. Andy had a great mustache. And it was just so spot on and so much damn fun. I moshed the entire set in 3 layers of shirts (a tshirt, ETID christmas sweater and winter coat). They played tons of stuff off Hot Damn and Ex Lives. Also some songs were super sped up " Who Invented The Winter Solider" and others slowed down to sound super heavy "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space". The band was just having a great time and even had a few stage divers even though security tried their best to stop them. 20 songs and a diff set from other nights too. ETID played for like an hour 15 minutes.

ETID Set :

After One Quarter of a Revolution
Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
The Marvelous Slut
The New Black
Bored Stiff
She's My Rushmore
In the Event That Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong
Who Invited the Russian Soldier?
Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Romeo a Go-Go
Off Broadway
No Son of Mine
Typical Miracle
Holy Book of Dilemma
I Been Gone a Long Time
Roman Holiday
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