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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
Get off your high horse of "Metal fans are so narrowminded." I don't hate them because i'm supposed to, or because they aren't heavy, or because they're popular etc. etc. I hate them because they suck. Plain and simple. I've listened to a fair bit of their non-single material, and it's just as bad as their radio singles. I have no problem with a band that sonically sounds as heavy as or plays the same style as Nickelback. I'm an unabashed fan of a lot of similar sounding bands like Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, etc. and while i'm not as big of a fan of those bands as I was say, 6-7 years ago, I still dig 'em. None of those bands are any "heavier" than Nickelback. They generally play the same style of hard rock, just write way, way better songs, with better melodies. Not to mention Shaun Morgan, Benjamin Burnley, and Brent Smith are far superior vocalists than Chad Kroeger.
Sure dude, sure. Shinedown's Disney Metal is waaaay better than Nickelback's They're both boring live, it turns out. Although I was very surprised to find Shinedown pull way more corny bullshit in their shows. I honestly expected Nickelback's chart success to have turned them into the cheesier ones, yet not a rose in sight.

Also, when I said "most people" hate them because they feel they're supposed to, which is absolutely true, why did you immediately put yourself into that category when your tastes weren't even the subject of discussion? Or feel that because you're an example to the contrary, that makes the description of the majority somehow incorrect?

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