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Just adding to PowerMaiden's post! After a few preshow bevies at Foufs, got to the venue just in time to see 4arm start things off. I checked out some of their stuff prior to going and they are a good band. They have some good talent and incorporating the thrash metal style is always a good thing. I only found that most, if not all their songs were repetitive. But they were a great start to the evening. I agree with PM, definitely an older crowd there tonight, ourselves included . Beer was def flowing and the fumes of mary jane were everywhere!

This was my 1st time seeing Gojira and they were heavy as F***! I haven't gotten into them as much as I should have. Ive given them a listen here n there but never really sat down and enjoyed them enough. I'll tell ya though, after this night, that wont happen again! Highlights from their set, ALL OF IT REALLY!!! They were a great compliment to what was about to come.

This was my 14th time seeing Slayer, 1st time with Gary and he was spot on all night, dude can play!!! Ive seen Slayer with Bostaph several times before and am a huge fan of his drumming so I knew what to expect from him! Kerry was doin his usual thing, shredding away. Tom still has the pipes and hitting a ton of the high notes that I haven't heard him hit in a long time!!! We even got a glimpse or two of Tom wanting to head bang! He was grooving along a few times and you could see that the urge is still there, just too bad he cant anymore

They came out on stage and blasted through 5 songs before even taking a breather! Never seen that before. Very little talk at all through the show which was cool! Then as PM mentioned, there was a great standing O and you could tell that they were very appreciative of it. We didn't even get the usual "Are you ready?" intro that Tom loves so much! He already knew we were ready...WARRRRRR ENSEMBLE!!!! Seeing all the classics in one night made it for a hell of a great time! Highlights personally for me included Necrophiliac, the run of songs starting with WA, Postmortem, AoS/JS, ADTS was just fantastic!! Spirit in Black has always been a personal fav too along with the RB/BM combo! It was great to hear some of these songs after jamming them so many times before in my previous band. And of course, as always hearing AoD as the closer is the epitome of what Slayer really is!

I got a shit-ton of pics n vids from the floor and also from a buddy who was sitting up a bit higher in the stands. Got some great vantage shots of the floor, the bands, the pits!! All in all, another spectacular event that Slayer has always given!!! I will never miss a Slayer show!! RIP Jeff-You may be gone, but your music still lives on forever!
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