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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Playing less songs per show is not at all "working smarter". I know it's exhausting playing heavy metal on stage but the amount of energy they save by playing a couple fewer songs is nothing compared to just getting from one stage to the next.

People are going to leave with a sour taste in their mouth and not want to see Megadeth the next time around. That's on top of the sub-par new material and Dave's weird semi-political ramblings working against ticket sales.
One note to add to this. Regular ticket sales might be down, but I bet there's a shit ton of suckers out there doing the VIP package thing, which makes up a lot of lost revenue. When you only have to sell 1 VIP package ($200 frickin' dollars) per 5 tickets lost, I bet you the revenue evens out quite a bit. Plus merch sales...Dave's ego has to be through the roof but in the end he is fooling himself.
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