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Different strokes...

Anyways back to it!

11.) Conquest- The War We Rage

The best Manowar album ever made. No other way to describe it.


12.) Howl- Bloodlines

Howl is one of those bands that can change their sound on every album, yet, distinctly sound like Howl. This time they have taken a bit more of an early day Mastodon sound in their Stoner/Sludge Metal sound. Melodic at the right times, heavy as hell in others and just overall a massive growing epic sound that crushes with every song. Such a killer album


13.) Acacia- Tills döden skiljer oss åt

Atmospheric Doom Metal done at it's finest. It goes from heavy as all hell to sheer epic symphonic brilliance to classic Doom to Clean moments of clarity to all out DOOOOOOOOOM....and that's just one song! The whole album is chalk full of this brilliance and I couldn't love it more. This album is probably number 51.) all together, but I had to put a stop somewhere in my rankings. Get this immediately if you want some of the best Atmospheric Doom Metal you've never heard before.


14.) Pestilence- Obsideo

Fusion Death Metal...not my naming of this, but rather the press release that came with the promo. Pestilence has always been one of those Tech Metal bands that the tr)) Metal fans know but they are always one of those bands that go "Oh yeah, Pestilence, they're cool. I guess." This is one of those albums unfortuneatly, and the sad part is, this may be their best work. It's a great album, but it will be surpassed by everything else this year, and honestly, that's ok. This doesn't really have anything new to it, It is just the standard Tech Death that the fans of the genre love.


15.) Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals- Walk Through Exits Only

Possibly Phil's most extreme album to date. This contains pretty much everything from Phil's career (Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Down, etc) but with an overall Extreme approach to the music. The Groove Metal sounds nearly grindcoreish at times. The Down moments are still near Death Metal range. It's fantastic, but a bit one sided. But that's ok. Phil gets a pass as not every album needs to be as diverse as a prog album. This is brutal stuff for the average Walk era Pantera fan. Enjoy!


16.) Intronaut- Habitual Habitations

I love Intronaut to Death. Although most of my friends think they are quite boring. I will go on record saying that they will never beat Valley of Smoke. It is their prime masterpiece. but this is close to it. A bit more on the prog side than Valley Of Smoke, all while still being a bit more laid back as well. Intronaut play their style of Sludgy, Posty Progressive Metal to a T. This isn't Valley Of Smoke (which if you haven't heard, check out NOW!) but again, this is not far behind, great stuff.


17.) Bosnian Rainbows- S/T

Really Cedric, this is what you broke up the Mars Volta for? A couple of cool what the hell was that songs, but that's it. Otherwise ignore if you liked anything about TMV. Go for this if you want Indie/Alternative/Hipster music.


18.) Fight Or Flight- A Life By Design?

A band formed by the guitarist and drummer of Disturbed with the new currant singer of Evans Blue. This is your substandard Poppy Hard Rock album. Not bad, but not interesting at all. Papa Roach fans would gobble this up no problem. Granted the guitar solos are pretty cool since listening to Disturbed you'd never guess solos were possible. But again, this is nothing you haven't heard a billion times on Mainstream radio already so don't bother unless you need your fix.


19.) Jesu- Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came

This is my first time checking these guys out and I gotta admit I do like what I hear. This album, while being a very shoegazing Post Metal album. Contains ome Electronic and Dub moments as well. Tt's a very dreamy, laid back album for the most part, while it does get heavy in a rollercoaster way, it's done in a way that any sub-pop fan could appreciate. If you want to be Metal and chill out at the same time, this is your album.


20.) Cancer Bats- Dead Set On Living

This album is half Chaotic Hardcore and Heavy Metal ruckus. The other half is pure Sabbath Worship with a total of 5 Sabbath songs in their other form, Bat Sabbath. Again, nothing groundbreaking here. Just a fan Metal album to Mosh to and chug a beer to. Enjoy in all it's pleasantries.
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