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I have never been more excited for a concert then i was for this one. Lamb of God are one of my favorite bands, and i had never seen KSE, so this was a must attend concert for me. Myself and my two friends arrived at the House of Blues around 12:30 because we wanted to get rail, and we figured that since it was a sold out show, there would be a long line. Well, we were wrong as we were the first ones there. So we had to wait in line for 4 hours, before entering the venue and waiting for the opening band, Huntress

This was my second time seeing Huntress, and i felt kind of bad for them. They had pre-set up the stage with all of the other bands gear and props, so huntress had very little room to do anything. Anyways, they played for about 25 minutes, and i still despise Jill Janice's vocals. Their drummer was really good, and the guitars weren't bad, but the vocals kill it for me

The next band was Testament. I was a bit nervous about seeing them because Chuck's voice can be hit or miss. I don't know if his voice was good or not because i couldn't hear one word he said. The only time i could hear him was when he talked in between songs , which was a real bummer for me. Other then that, they were really tight. I got to see Gene Hoglan for the first time, and i was blown away by how good of a drummer he is. Erik Peterson and Alex Skolnick are a great duo on guitar.

Then, the band i was most excited to see took the stage. This was my first time seeing Killswitch Engage, and i was not disappointed in the least bit. They whole band sounded tight. Their set was a good mix of their entire discography, and hearing ,Beyond the Flames, off their new album was a highlight for me. You could tell the whole band were glad to be playing their hometown show. The crowd went berserk for them, and they fed of the crowd's energy.

Finally, around 8:45, Lamb of God took the stage, and delivered the best performance i have seen from them. Randy sounded spot on , and he seemed to have much more energy as well. Chris Adler is an amazing drummer, and Mark Morton and Willie Adler are both great guitarists. Even with Bassist John Campbell having to leave the tour, the band never missed a beat. My only complaint is that they played 11th Hour instead of As the Palaces Burn, which i would have loved to hear.

Overall, despite not being able to hear Testament's vocals, it was still the best show i have ever been to.

Huntress: 4.5/10
Killswitch Engage:10/10
Lamb of God: 9.5/10
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