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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Hey Guys!

This year has been a hellacious ride for me so far. One thing that has helped me through it all is all the music I have received this year. by the end of this thread I will have reviewed 388 albums (What the fuck is wrong with me for doing so many???)

8.) Dreariness- My Mind Is Too Weak To Forget
The In this Moment of Atmospheric Black Metal, except instead of In This Moment, the music is indeed stellar. But is absolutely ruined by the female vocal screams. They sound like labor pains. nobody wants that.

11.) Kylesa- Ultraviolet
NO, it's not just because Laura Pleasants is a total bitch, but this album didn't do anything for me. Honestly the only album that held weight to me was Static Tensions, which is still a great album, but anything before or since just doesn't click....and Laura Pleasants is a total bitch.

I am still going to check out that Kylesa album because it is Kylesa.

However, is it bad that Blackened Atmospheric Labor Pains piques my interest?
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