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Hey guys

I am heading over to Mayo Clinic today as soon as my dad can pick me up at my house. He has a bed in his truck so I could lay down while heading over there.

Yesterday while puking in front of the doctor, I was kicked out of United Hospital in St. Paul for them saying "There is nothing else we can do for you here". All the more reason I wanna sue their asses, but that's a whole different story.

When I'm not puking, I'm balling my eyes out in pain. I only felt good enough to do 10 albums in my huge list of 2013 music. Maybe one day I will feel good enough to be able to keep the thread going without a week going by.

I hate this feeling so much. Yesterday for lack of better words I was told that I am just below the line of intensive care, so I am not any kind of priority to the hospital. I hope the Mayo Clinic is different.
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