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Originally Posted by MPF View Post

1.) Death Angel- The Dream Calls For Blood

Death Angel nearly hit it out of the Park on this one. A much better representation of the band compared to their last album Relentless Retribution. No filler, all pure heavy kick ass Thrash. In a band like Death Angel, that's all I will ever ask for.

Good call, this album was wicked. Really surprising, and very enjoyable.


3.) Fullforce- Next Level

Fullforce is a Power Metal/Hard Rock/80's Glam style band that definitely know their nitch. If Manowar and Kix formed a band that loved cheese and Whitesnake is the best way I can describe these guys. Definitely a great album if you are into that style. Nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, but just a fun album to enjoy in the background of any 80's coke party.

This one came out in 2012. I do like the album, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm blinded by my HammerFall fanboyism. This is one band that would serve better having only put out one album instead of two, because both albums have a few really killer songs, but are not consistently great. I'd probably give it a 7/10, but there's definitely a lot more potential.
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