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Soryy I'm not used to people actually knowing/caring what I have been up to outside these threads.

And now the start of one of those threads!!!!

Same rules as all the other years. In case you don't know them. This is my list of all albums I have listened to this year. they will be reviewed in iTunes randomized order. they will be ranked out of 10. Since I couldn't make up my mind this year, I made a Top 50 this year instead of my usual 20. It only seemed fair because there were so many albums that came out this year that I personally felt deserved real recognition. I won't have the final stats of those 50 until these other albums are done. No EP's or bands I personally associate are included so avoid unfair judgement. So let's get started shall we?

1.) Death Angel- The Dream Calls For Blood

Death Angel nearly hit it out of the Park on this one. A much better representation of the band compared to their last album Relentless Retribution. No filler, all pure heavy kick ass Thrash. In a band like Death Angel, that's all I will ever ask for.


2.) Vista Chino- Peace

Kyuss Lives! Well...kinda. This is the remnants of Kyuss and Kyuss Lives! and it sounds just like vintage Kyuss. It honestly does show how unneeded Josh Homme was in Kyuss, despite what a talent he is. Garcia and Co. nailed it. The only downside to this album is the lack of people who don't know about it and probably never will. Kick back, light up your favorite hash and enjoy folks!


3.) Fullforce- Next Level

Fullforce is a Power Metal/Hard Rock/80's Glam style band that definitely know their nitch. If Manowar and Kix formed a band that loved cheese and Whitesnake is the best way I can describe these guys. Definitely a great album if you are into that style. Nothing new by any stretch of the imagination, but just a fun album to enjoy in the background of any 80's coke party.


4.) Blindead- Absence

If Katatonia made Atmospheric Post Rock/Metal. Blindead takes some of the ebst elements of the dark sounds of Metal with the Atmosphere of Post Rock and made an outer spacey sound that is fit for the disenchanted. While not the best Post album of the year, it's honestly not that far away. A great unknown album that you just may fall in love with if you're a fan of the genre.


5.) Wormed- Exodromos

The first album of the list to have screams and growls (that is a first on my list, usually it's always top 3). This is arguably one of the best damn Death Metal albums of the year. It is techy as all hell, well crafted and articulated and masterminded in one of the best ways I have ever heard. The nearly Instrumental track, Xenoverse Discharge should prove this point if you hate the vocals that are associated with the genre. This will sadly get overlooked by a lot of people. Get on this if you need some damn good techy Death Metal, you won't be disappointed.


6.) Iwrestledabearonce- Late For Nothing

For once an Iwrestledabearonce album that has zero points of sucking. Yes it still somewhat features their quirkiness. this album goes back to their debut which is also pretty good as well, just without so much humor and more focused on writing songs that are not for scene kids and actually for music fans. Who'd a thought? It's techy, Proggy, Jazzy, Quirky and sometimes Atmospheric, and overall just a fun album to listen to. Don't take yourself so seriously and just give this one a shot once, if you still hate it, at least you tried.


7.) Immolation- Kingdom of Conspiracy

Another damn fine example of Death Metal done right. Immolation is just a band that slays every single time and Kingdom of Conspiracy is no different. Every song is pummeling and relentless. Brutal and catchy at the same time, only a band like Immolation can pull that off without it being overbearing. Bravo!


8.) Persephone- Spiritual Madness

Well orchestrated Progressive Death Metal in a way that Djent bands should sound. This is not djenty by any means so don't read that wrong. I just mean so many bands want to focus on the off time breakdown instead of the Prog, and that's what these guys do. Elements of Melodeath, Tech Metal, and pure epicness make this a killer Progressive Death Metal album to have. Don't overlook this one, it's done right!


9.) Toxic Holocaust- Chemistry of Consciousness

An album that just kicks ass. Unrelenting Crossover Thrash mixed with Death Metal vocals. There is nothing new from these guys either, just a fun album full of beer swigging Metal. Short, simple, fast paced songs that were meant for circle pits. Get your vest on and dig in!


10.) Cemetery Rapist- Plundering Into V*ginal Dust

One of the more messed up albums on the entire list. Cemetery Rapist is a one man Grindcore project that doesn't care at all what people think. He goes in, creates chaos, makes it offensive titles and attacks. That's what this album is in a nutshell. Not bad by any means, Contrived maybe, but not bad.

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