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Overkill is only doing 13 songs this tour too. It's a co-headline with Kreator, but still. I feel like we fans are paying more and more and are getting less and less. I used to routinely go to national headliner shows like Megadeth, Maiden, Metallica, Slayer where the standard was 18+ songs and ticket prices were normal (I paid $10, face value btw to see Bruce Dickinson at a hole in the wall in NYC for the Accident of Birth tour, he played 15 songs).

Now it's like reducing the size of the Big Mac while jacking up the price by 50%. It's so frustrating I can't describe it. No Megadeth show should be anywhere near $40 for 13 songs. But from the band point of view, they are working smart, not hard. If you had to put in a shorter work day but bring in double pay, I'd do it too.
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