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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Memento OST (2001)

Memento is one of the best movies youíve probably never seen. So you should Netflick or stream or whatever you kids do these days and watch it right now. The movie is awesome and the soundtrack is just as good. Almost. I donít like it when a soundtrack is filled with songs that are ďinspired byĒ the movie yet werenít even in the movie. Half the songs on this album (save David Bowies Something in the Air) werenít anywhere to be heard in the movie. And none of them are that great anyway. But what this album does have is the hypnotic score. It really never consists of more than droning keyboards and dialogue from the movie but fuck is it cool. In the movie the music is perfect for every scene and on itís own the music is just as cool. Buy the movie and buy the soundtrack. I can guarantee youíll watch the movie at least twice the first day and probably a few more times in the coming weeks. I usually watch a movie once. Even if I liked it I very rarely watch them more. But Iíve probably watched this movie at least ten times and will watch it again some day. That doesnít sound like much but thatís a lot for me. Just take my advice. Some guy named Christopher Nolan made it too, that may mean something to some of you.
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This is my favorite scene.
I think more people have seen Memento than you think. It was hyped pretty heavily when it came out. I liked it but didn't have interest in watching it again and that scene didn't change that fact. What it did do is crack me up because of the "I used to love this movie when I was Emo" comment. That was funny as hell...

A movie with a great soundtrack that you may not have seen that I feel like you do about Memento is Strange Days. My buddy's band used to cover that Skunk song Selling Jesus. Love that shit!
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