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adamclark52's LEAST favorite albums

Death Ė Individual Thought Patterns (1993)

ďDerp, youz ner liks Death? yr nut metal, yr nut br00tal, yr nut tr00 kvlt, derp, you Justin Beiber, yoz false metal, derpĒ
No, I have great respect for Chuck Schuldiner and the contributions he made to death metal. I recognize that death metal would not be what it is today if it was not for him. And I feel his untimely death was a great loss to the underground metal community and a tragedy. But I donít like Death. At all. This is the only Death album I ever owned and by all accounts itís their/his worst album. But Iíve listened to a lot of the other stuff and I just donít enjoy it. Part of it is that a young adamclark52 first heard Death in 1995 and thought that a band named ďDEATHĒ shouldíve been the heaviest, guttural death metal band ever, and they werenít. I just didnít find Death heavy enough. Another part of it is the music is just too boring for me. Too much wankery. And that can be said for my opinion on every other progressive death metal band: Cynic, Decrepit Birth, Atheist, they just all bore me. Give me unbridled brutality any day over technical proficiency. Another reason is I just donít get why people love Death so much more than Suffocation or Deicide. I remember Decibel magazines top 100 death metal albums issue had two Death albums in the top ten. And had almost every other Death album was on it. Why wasnít EVERY album by Immolation on it? Why was Pierced from Within number sixty two? And the last reason is I think I was just born in the wrong decade to fully appreciate Death. Had I been a teenager in the 1980ís I may be singing a different tune. But I wasnít and I think this album sucks. I bought it for the Philosopher and enjoyed that song. But everything leading up to it just bored the hell out of me. I should go back and re-listen to it again today but I canít because I actually sold it five years ago.
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