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Originally Posted by Ommie View Post
Curious, what was that one all about? I never saw it.
It's pretty hazy now because the excitement just lasted for one night, between about 10:00pm and 5:00am.

An ex-lover of Tom G. Warrior and Paul Di'Anno came on here and, through a series of very rich and provocative posts, attempted to defame Tom G. Warrior, and the members here attempted to combat her. This was pretty soon after Eparistera Daimones came out I think. I think she posted letters Tom G. had sent her about all the intimate fantasies he wanted to enact with her, or at least she alluded to the content within the letters, or maybe she posted links to them. She talked about her other ex, Paul Di'Anno, and all the weird shit they used to do. She talked about her kids being out of control. It was great fun. MPF, Sepultura69, ravenheart and a few others went back and forth with her for a long time. MPF all night.

The thread was gone the next day. When I logged off around 3:30am that night there were about 20 pages. I don't know how big the thread was when it was yanked.
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