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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
ahahhaha tell me about it, when I saw them this year in October I made the horrible mistake of wearing a long sleeve buttoned up shirt. I took that damn shirt off about mid-way into the set sometime during "Alter of sacrifice/jesus saves". I was DRENCHED IN SWEAT. After that mess, I decided to wear a sleeveless white wife beater for the second show which took place the night after(Slayer played two shows in a row at the same venue around my area in Hollywood. I attended both shows, but the first show was much much better because it had a shitty turn out making the show feel a lot more intimate, and we got the old school setlist).

Glad you had a great time.
That is the exact fucking time it hit me like a brick. Went apeshit during Postmorten and during the beginning of Altar I started sweating and couldn't escape the heat. Terrible timing but I recovered to full tenacity level just in time for Jesus Saves.

It literally felt like the temperature raised 20 degrees in 20 minutes then an additional degree every 5 minutes after that.
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