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Reading through this list and thinking about what changes would be made, if I were to re-do it.

Suffocation would be gone, I've kind of fallen out of love with them lately.

ITP, Human, Terrible Certainty, Covenant, Demilich and Unquestionable Presence would be gone. Might have gotten rid of a Mastodon and Children of Bodom album too. I'd probably sub out Cause of Death for Slowly We Rot and maybe Frost for Vikingligr Veldi

I'd want the following albums to make the list, or at least the Honorary Mentions list:

Pestilence- Consuming Impulse
Coroner- No More Color (despite not having a physical copy)
Carnage- Dark Recollections
Blind Guardian- Imaginations From The Other Side
Repulsion- Horrified
Destruction- Infernal Overkill
Master's Hammer- Ritual
Candlemass- Nightfall
Candlemass- Tales of Creation
Tormentor- Anno Domini
Rotting Christ- Thy Mighty Contract
Sodom- Agent Orange
Angel Witch-Angel Witch
High On Fire- De Vermis Mysteriis
Samael- Worship Him

Transilvanian Hunger would be A LOT higher.
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