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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
The only thing that sucks is only Retaliation seems to be in print to buy whereas the s/t just doesn't show up on amazon. I had to blogspot it in order to get it. and I LOVE the s/t much more.

I saw a similar thing happen with Coroner. Punishment For Decadence I was able to buy but No More Color was also out of print. and of course, I love No More Color a million times more.

I'm still kind of pissed the time I saw them do the whole Seasons In The Abyss album live and when they got to that song they completely changed the solos.
Yeah I had the Retaliation/Carnivore dual cd before I bought both Remasters off ebay. The bonus tracks were ok but I was just glad to have all the tracks again.

That's crazy they changed the solosin Seasons. I was on Holt's side and he sounded amazing but he may have done a few solos throughout the night that I thought were King's. Never understood why they would do that
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