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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Feb. 16 - Los Angeles, CA (Whisky A Go-Go)

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Witchcraft View Post
Sweet. Never got to see Metal Church before. Though this is more of a Metal Church cover band than the real thing.
This lineup of Metal Church performs the old material phenomenally, and the Ronny Munroe-era albums are pretty solid all around- haven't heard the new one yet. Ronny can also sing the David Wayne-era material much better than Mike Howe ever could, and this is coming from a guy who considers Blessing in Disguise and The Human Factor to be among the finest classic metal albums ever made. Metal Church, or "Metal Church" if you so prefer, is a band absolutely worth seeing live.

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Not only is it not true for this band, it's also not true for every other band people say the same thing about when they carry on without whichever member(s) it is everyone thinks is the most important.

The only time it is true is when there are no original members left at all. The rest of the time it's just everyone's favourite cliche.
I agree in the case of Metal Church- Kurdt wrote and continues to write 99% of the band's music and lyrics so as long he's involved in some way, the band's kosher to me.

However, I disagree with your one original member rule. When a band only has original members that weren't significant influences on the sound, either through songwriting or noteworthy performances, or are missing members that are irreplaceable for the same reasons, then I'd definitely call them a cover band. Diamond Head comes to mind; even though Brian Tatler's the primary songwriter for the band and still plays, Sean Harris' vocals aren't being adequately replaced by the current guy. Until they get Sean back or find a guy that can really do the material justice, the current incarnation of Diamond Head is a cover band to me.

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