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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
Nope, the 3 albums, from what I remember, give me the feeling of a band that's trying too much, if that make any sense. They wanna be over dramatic on every damn song. I don't like it. They were better when they played thrashier and 'dirtier' .. in my taste anyway

Cheers !
There's a decently good number of songs on Dystopia. But it still felt fundamentally different from their albums pre Glorious Burden.

Though I must say Plagues of Babylon is a freaking awesome song, their best single in years. It reminds me a lot of something off of Horror Show for some reason.

Honestly Schaffer got insanely lucky with Stu, he can sing his face off and more importantly he can sound enough like Matt to be able to pull off anything from the pre Glorious Burden catalogue. And in some cases (primarily the Stormrider stuff/Burnt Offerings stuff) he actually seems better suited to it than Matt. I've seen three different IE singers do Angel's Holocaust live and I'd have to say Stu was the best at it in all fairness.

I feel like part 1 is really overlooked, for me it is definitely a top 5 IE album. I would love to hear something besides Ten Thousand Strong off of it.
Aside from 2 songs I feel that Something Wicked Part 1 was their weakest album. Not really Ripper's fault, but musically it was pretty bad. I actually think Part 2 was a lot better overall but the standout tracks on Part 1 were really really good.

Then again I always felt Dark Saga was a lot weaker of an album than everyone said it was. Take away Question of Heaven and its pretty mediocre. My top 5 has always been.

Night of the Stormrider
Burnt Offerings
Horror Show
Glorious Burden
Something Wicked This Way Comes
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