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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
The fun hater returns! Hope you enjoyed Trollfest, I caught the last half of their set and didn't like them so much. Maybe I hate fun too
IMHO Trollfest is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun and goofy than Alestorm :p

The sound at the Seattle show SUCKED ASS. All the songs started out very rough, then after the first chorus or so they'd get back on beat with each other. It was obvious they were having a hard time hearing on stage

Was stoked that they played the Britney Spears cover though!

Also, the first local band on our show was this straight up folk band with washboards and everything, it was SOOOO AWESOME. They weren't the best, but definitely will be great in time.

Speaking of folk and fun.... Wrecking Crew, do you know of a band from down there called Dirty Kid Discount? I saw them at a punk fest here in Seattle a couple months back and they were a kick ass Folk-Punk band, I believe they said they were from Portland..... anyway, So fucking fun!
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