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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Dave always came across as the dick in this story to me. All of a sudden, he kicked up a stink. Why now?

Anyway, seen them with Paul, and it was the best performance I've seen in the five times I've seen them. Spot on completely. Dave is replaceable, and as such, he was replaced. Fuck him.
Dave is primarily at fault when it comes to the issue IMO. He's left the band three times now, and never really wrote any songs. He is however the best drummer Slayer have had, or will ever have. Yeah, Paul's a tighter time keeper but Dave has got that magic energy and drive that no other thrash drummer can replicate. Not to mention, Paul's never been anywhere near as good at the double kick as Dave is. Anyone who's seen a video of Angel of Death played by Bostaph should know that.

If anything, this is my theory on their recent live shows- I think having to rigorously rehearse a fresh set together (since Bostaph was back for the first time in forever) made the band tighter, not Bostaph himself. With Dave they had probably grown too comfortable of a unit live. I honestly wish that they had hired Jon Dette, dude was killing it on that Australian tour and he did an amazing job with Anthrax on the Metal Alliance tour. His only flaw was that he didn't have Dave or Paul's endurance, but I think he could have fixed that with the same amount of rehearsal that Paul got.

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