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Sonic Youth – Silver Session (For Jason Knuth)

You may be wondering how an album comprising entirely of feedback can ever make its way onto someone’s “favorite albums of all time” list. I always thought the same thing too, until I heard this album. I find this album really soothing and hypnotic rather than shrill and annoying. It’s not over done too. Most times feedback tracks can drag on forever but the tracks on here rarely last longer than three minutes. Even though the songs are mostly the same there are enough little changes here and there (like the beats in Silver Son and Silver Mirror) to keep me fully entertained for a full half an hour. And while I usually hate fade-outs and fade-ins I really like the drawn out fades on this album. It adds to the soothing feeling of this album. If you only ever buy one album consisting of a half an hour of feedback, buy this one.
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